Quality Goods Technologies is one of the top IT security services and Digital Marketing provider. From the past many years, we are providing our services to our customers in the world. Quality Goods Technologies primary focus is to provide enterprise security & software solutions, Web Development, Digital Marketing for the growing business needs in world. The company offers most affordable security & software solutions, Website Development, professional solutions with consultancy on all aspect of Web and Desktop based Business Applications, ERP/CRM systems, HR & Payroll Software, Mobile App Development, SMS & Whatsapp Marketing solutions as well as Enterprise applications implementation services such as SharePoint and EPM across the world.


QG Technologies, together with its partners, strives to look through a human lens in everything we do. Our mission is to understand people & the purpose brands play in people's lives. We are always looking for ideas in order to seek meaningful ways to communicate with people to build a long-lasting human connection.

. We provide digital media technologies for Agencies, Advertisers & Publishers as well. We have unified management of digital marketing campaigns across rich media, search engines, video, websites, application development, SMS, web and app development along with a different kind of software development & Email marketing for advertisers and publishers.

Having industry-leading tools & very close collaboration, we guarantee our clients to achieve targeted & measurable results in a very short period of time. Are you an Agency?. Come to QG Technologies, leave the use of advanced industry standard tools & services on us to minimize the cost of your campaigns & provide targeted reliable data to your clients to make them happy. Our customized solutions & services designed for Advertisers & Agencies make digital marketing faster & accurate, so that just give us your idea & spend no time on execution & improve your bottom line.

An Advertiser?

QG Technologies can optimize your campaign by using our expertise in the industry & suggests to be a perfect landing page to drive fast traffic & high number of conversions. Control on your Ad spending and shifting your money to instantly high ROI by using our advanced monitoring strategy.


If you are a publisher & going to make strategy that maximize results for every impression served? QG Technologies offers that tools & services that will make the most intelligent impression level allocation decision. We do targeting & optimization of your Ad, such as bid pricing, targeting, characteristics & other significant methods.


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