World’s #1 Open Source ERP

QG Technologies selects the world's leading technologies to provide high quality & cost effective solutions. Our experts focus on delivering and implementing business solutions using these technologies as tools. Our Global ERP platform, ODOO, is robust, scalable and completely customisable finding great traction in large enterprises that are unable to justify the costs of other proprietary ERPs.

Odoo is the most advanced ERP solution in the market, enabling the business to take their projects to the next level. The future belongs to those, who identify the hidden potential in the market and capitalize on it.

Trusted to provide the highest quality of services, QG Technologies is a Key Partner with Odoo. Odoo, formerly OpenERP, is the leading open source ERP & Business apps package, used by millions of users worldwide.

Working closely with the Odoo team, we provide enterprises the reliability they seek for large enterprise deployments. Our Team consists of the best talent in the ERP market.

Our professionals have worked on platforms like SAP and bring that knowledge and execution experience to provide best in class ERP implementations.

With the release of the latest edition of Odoo, the version 8.0, things have changed drastically.

The Odoo platform now aims to solve all the problems of the businesses. The latest version consists of Front-end Apps, Business Operations Apps, Marketing Apps, Productivity Apps, Human Resource Apps and Sales Management Apps.


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