While many companies utilize both social media and email marketing. most companies are missing out on the substantial benefits of integrating the two methods. Dataslices offers you integration between your social media and email marketing with the help of which you can obtain real results more effectively and discover data about the end users.

Social email marketing increases the interactivity of the users and links them to the social media that helps them engage with your brand on their social networking websites including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and share the engagement with other users.

While we send newsletters to your targeted audience, they can subscribe to it and share your campaign on social networking websites, ‘Like’ your campaign, and post on other social networks too. All data is shown live as it takes place and you can quickly follow up with users on social networks.

Once we send a campaign we can also segment future campaigns based on that accumulated data. We can choose to send a campaign to subscribers who shared a specific campaign on a particular social website. Or we can also wish to send a campaign to subscribers who have not liked any past campaign on a particular website. The data is completely adjustable and can be segmented to achieve the desired outcome.


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